Giorgio Armani was known when it comes to fashion for men and women, the most prestigious clothing line in the world. Even in cosmetics, glasses and perfumes, leading in fashion and luxury goods groups. It was founded in Milan with about 500 stores worldwide.

Giorgio Armani launches his latest collection this year 2013-2014 a spring and summer collection in Milan fashion week. Simple yet it is elegant. This is why Giorgio Armani is still at the top of the game, great collection I love the printed dresses and skirts. I love the world of fashion but I hate the snobbery that comes along with it. You can't go to any high end store to avail his collections; this is very difficult job every season you must create different clothes in a very nice trendy fashion.

They look more pleasant, more sensuality since they walk slower not real fast. Giorgio Armani is just so sophisticated in fashion and creates different clothes for men and women.
They are supposed to be walking with elegant and be stunning like a sophisticated one, selling the clothes and the models should be fairly good looking and have a detached look in order to make you focus on the clothes. Like a Barbie and Ken doll actually. Its how the clothing moves on them forget the faces, and concentrate on the cut, detail color and silhouette. A Giorgio Armani collection is the best known collection in the world the most famous fashion designer. Preferably ready to wear clothing line.

He has his own line of perfume also, Giorgio Armani is creating the latest perfume, the Armani code for men and women, and I really love the scents of his perfume when my husband used to work in state he always bought me Armani code for women I really love the scent of perfume, it long lasting in term of fragrance. A Lot of beauty product collections of Giorgio Armani body lotion for him and her. I am the one who follows his own collections I really admire him in terms of fashion. I like the way he create a newest collection, a taste of fashion every season, Apparently in this kind of living society we all need to look good and presentable, that's why in terms of fashion Giorgio Armani is the one who will admire most his creation really defines the fashion, he never stop creating the things that will fit to the customer.